Judge Jeanine Predicts U.S. Economy Will Come ‘Roaring Back’ When Virus Dies Down

While Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the previously strong economy of the United States, many have predicted that it will soon snap back once Coronavirus plateaus, like it has in other countries. One of those predicting a strong comeback is Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro.
According to Washington Examiner, Pirro laid out four important reasons why she believes the U.S. economy, while down and out at the moment, will bounce back in a big way.

Pirro said the first reason she believes this to be the case is because America, having been tested before, is no stranger to fighting back and recovering from disaster.
“Remember, we’re Americans born of a revolution. Fight is in our DNA. America is at her best when she’s tested. She’s strong, determined, and has the mettle to get through anything,” Pirro said.

Her second point was based on data from economic experts, some of whom are confident that the economy will come back like never before.

“Number two, when we get through this, we will be stronger than ever,” Pirro said. “Economists agree that once this virus plateaus, as it has in other countries, our economy will come roaring back.”
She then praised President Donald Trump for her third reason, giving him credit for bringing together former political enemies to help bring the Coronavirus pandemic to a swift resolution by putting politics aside for the time being.

“Number three, we are finding common ground in unusual places,” Pirro said. “The president has brought together former competitors to fight this together, all focused on America’s common enemy. Companies and workers are volunteering, even though they’re suffering financially.”

For her fourth and final point of reassurance, Pirro pointed to faith as one of the reasons why America will eventually come through this unprecedented situation.
“Number four, we are getting close to our humanity, our faith, and our purpose in life. The silence of isolation is deafening,” she said. “And it is forcing us to think about our purpose. We are social beings, but maybe the silver lining will be the time we have to self-examine, reflect, and get closer to our creator.”

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