Restaurants/Police Band Together For Truckers, Give Them Free Food/Parking Amid Pandemic

God Bless our truckers!
With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the nation, many business are shut down and people are out of work — but not for truck drivers. These individuals are working double-time to deliver supplies all across the country, but they are having difficulty finding open rest stops and restaurant facilities.

But, the restaurants that are still able to deliver food are banding together to ensure truckers are getting everything they need, from free/heavily-discounted food to a parking lot to sleep. They’re even being joined by police departments who will escort truckers to food/rest.
In Kinston, North Carolina, truck-drivers are offered free parking and meals!

Pennsylvania’s PennFleet is providing truck-drivers with free beverages, snacks, and bathroom access amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

In Tipton, Missouri, a BBQ shop is giving a 50 percent discount on all meals to truck drivers.

In Efuela, Alabama, the local police department is jumping in to help.
“If you are a truck driver, and need to take time off the road in Eufaula, we will assist you in getting food. With more and more restaurants limiting their dining room access, it is becoming harder for our truck driving friends to find places to eat. We will either go get something for you, or give you a ride the the nearest drive through (if you don’t mind riding in the back seat😬). If manpower is such that we cannot assist, we will secure someone that can,” the police department announced on Facebook.

Additionally, the Pottsville, Arkansas police department is assisting as well.

Currently there are over 340,000 cases of the novel coronavirus around the world, with over 35,000 in the United States.

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